Troubled Son

by Tobias & Flamestrike

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Jacob Campbell
Sebastian Choe
Donovan Benson
Tony Tan

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released December 1, 2010

Recorded/mixed in Benson Basement


tags: pop New York


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Sebastian Choe New York, New York

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Track Name: Troubled Son
In correction, my sorrow deepens
It's just a memory of your ghost
Troubled son, have we taught you nothing
Some things seem haven't found a change

A man's biking
Ridding of his face
So take a lesson of the word

So softly mastered
So quickly fastened
So precious, take away his pain

Of all that's guided, I never listened
Turned out I missed out on a lot

Troubled son, have we taught you nothing
Some things haven't found a change

Today's the best day
The only one I ever had
Fellow you have seen me as sad
Today's the best day, the only one I ever had
And you have seen me as a fad

And I rampaged, through the meadow
As it wasn't my own fault
Sorrow glistens, and I tell you
It's running down my throat

So you meet me at the door
And when I arrive nothing more
We have fallen out of reach

And our patience has grown dull
We just stare up at them all
And think we're laughing but we're not
We're just trying to be fought

If you need me call my name
But my laughing reeks of shame
Shame that aches into the near

And my father yes I love him
My mother says I can't swim
But we know it's too late
Fellow you, and I hate

But their patience grows so thin
Thin as paper air they trim
Well they all just grow so dull

Well we need to let them go
But our demons they release us
From a binding far beneath us

And we try not to applaud them
But we can't, it's too late
We filled our dish and our plate
With you, and I hate